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Trump’s former strategist Bannon: Turkey is more dangerous than Iran

I would like to say that Asharq Al-Avsat reported.
„Turkey is the greatest danger for us [the US]! … No, not even close to [its neighbor] Iran … „said Bannon.
„No! We do not know what is going on in Turkey right now, under [President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan !! This is an issue I am going to pursue hard, „added Bannon.
Regarding the measures taken against Qatar by the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Bannon said, „The boycott happened shortly after the [US President Donald Trump] visit to Saudi Arabia, just like that …“
„Qatar is as dangerous as North Korea! People should pay attention to this important situation, „Bannon said, referring to accusations against Qatar of backing extremist and terrorist groups.
Turkey has vowed to stand by Qatar and called on Saudi Arabia to end all sanctions.
Immediately after the countries imposed sanctions on Qatar, Turkey’s Parliament approved two agreements for deploying troops to Qatar and military cooperation.