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The final hearings in the trial of journalists including Ahmet Altan, Mehmet Altan and Nazlı Ilıcak have started in Silivri Istanbul. Ahmet Altan delivered his defence and said:
“I did not come here today to be judged but to judge you. I have a chance to speak
for thousands of innocent people who are not even able to resist the persecution against them forget about being able to organise a coup. I saw the persecutions against them, and I shared their destiny behind the stonewalls.”
Altan pointed out the similarities between July 15 coup attempt and March 31 uprising in 1909 and said:
„Now I will point out the similarities, and you will be surprised.”  He asked: “How come a military uprising against the Unionists ended in favour of the Unionists and a military uprising against Erdoğan ended in in favour of the absolute power of Erdoğan?”
Altan said:
“It is easy to arrest me with a false accusation of organising the July 15, but it is not easy to answer these questions. Just like those who asked ‘what was March 31’ those who ask ‘what was July 15’ are labelled as traitors. July 15 did not have support from society. The masses who went into the streets bravely proved that. “
Also in his defence Ahmet Altan said:
“Today the smell of a decayed corpse in Turkey is the gory smell of a dying judiciary. Now there is a judiciary and media in Turkey that sees justice as punishing ‘the others’. And we are ‘the others’, all the opponents of AKP.”
The İstanbul 26th High Criminal Court will hold the final hearings of the trial until February 16, when it is expected to conclude proceedings.