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The details of the incident that caused death of 7 people while fleeing from the AKP regime’s witch hunt and persecution are heart breaking. The rubber boat carrying eight people from Edirne to Greece capsized in the Meriç River. The only person who survived the incident told the details of the tragedy. The bodies of the two drowned children and their mother were discovered. A child and three adults on the boat who are drowned in the river are still missing. Fatih Yaşar is so far the only survivor of the incident reported that the organisers of the irregular crossing did not give any life vests to the passengers. The boat was overloaded and capsized after hitting a tree and Yaşar survived by holding on to a tree branch. TV channel Euronews contacted with Yaşar via the lawyer of the refugee camp he is in. The period motivated families to take such a dangerous journey started with the July 15 controlled coup in Turkey. 39-year-old English language teacher Uğur Abdürrezzak and his wife 37-year-old Turkish teacher Ayşe Abdürrezzak were on the boat with their two children. Fahreddin Doğan, his wife Aslı Doğan and the couple’s 2,5-year-old son İbrahim Selim Doğan were accompanying the Abdürrezzak Family on the rubber boat. It is learnt that both of the families were fleeing the country because they were dismissed from their jobs and persecuted due to their links with the Hizmet Movement.