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A study conducted on websites, which serve millions of Turkish citizens every day via e-Government, were tested for security breaches against leaks or hacker attacks. Netsparker, a Turkish company that provides internet security services to numbers of national and international institutions, revealed that there are security vulnerabilities in the e-Government system.


According to daily Karar’s news, A study conducted by Ziyahan Albeniz a safety expert at Netsparker included 94 official sites with ‚’’ extension which stores all personal data from their citizenship number to the tax record and the residence address details of 81 million people. In the security test, it turned out that only 18 sites in 94 sites were ’safe‘. On the sites, one is critical, 43 is high, and 122 has 642 middle level security problems.


The study, which warns that the personal data of millions of citizens and state data are in danger, was presented to the Information Technologies Institution.