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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan criticised Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj on Saturday for dismissing the country’s interior minister and intelligence chief on Friday due to their active role in the illegal abduction of six Turkish nationals. Erdoğan also openly threatened him, saying, “You will pay the price for this.” Erdoğan also said he was sure that Kosovars would hold Prime Minister Haradinaj accountable. Renowned Albanian journalist Mero Baze commented on Erdoğan’s remarks and accused Erdoğan of threatening to overthrow Kosovar government. Albanian journalist stated that Erdoğan seems like he is trying to overthrow entire Kosovar government and said: “Erdoğan involves in Kosovo’s domestic politics and threats overthrowing Kosovar government while trying to arrest some teacher who he believes attempted to overthrow him in Turkey.” “The most reliable reality is that, if there is a real coup attempt, it is that of Erdoğan’s coup against Haradinaj rather that Gülen’s coup against Erdoğan. We only saw a scenario not the reality of the case.” Mero Baze said. Mero Baze added that personal relations of state officials in Balkans with Erdoğan threaten these states and push them away from the European vision.