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Privacy Policy

The websites of Merih News provides information and data. This also can take place via hyper-links to information of external websites. Those information and data serve informational purposes only without a guarantee for topicality, correctness or completeness.

1. Scope
The Merih News is only responsible for contents which are compiled, published and distributed by Merih News themselves. The terms of use apply to contents of the website as well as to all associated sub-domains (later in here referred to as “Merih News website, “website of Itep Pictures”, “internet presence of Itep Pictures” or “online offer of Itep Pictures”).

2. Liability
Merih News is neither liable for contents and programs distributed on the websites of Merih News nor for damages resulting from such, unless such damages are caused by Merih News due to intention or gross negligence. This applies to all types of damages, especially to those caused by errors, delays or interruptions of data transmissions, disturbances of technical installation and services, incorrect contents, loss or deletion of data, viruses or others that might occur during the use of this online offer. Merih News does not take over any responsibility for contents, accuracy, legality and functionality of third-party offers that are referred to from the Merih News website via links. Access to websites via links always takes place on own risk.

3. Copyright
The contents offered via the Merih News websites are protected by copyright laws. The use of such is subject to valid copyright regulations. This website must not edited, copied, re-published, transmitted, distributed or stored without permission. The material may only be used for private, non-commercial purposes under strict compliance with copyright regulations.
For software, data and files, their contents respectively, which are provided by Merih News for download, only a simple license will be granted, meaning a license for singular download and singular storage, which is neither a broad license nor transferable. Further-going usage rights remain with Merih News. Therefore resale and any kind of commercial use are prohibited.
Merih News is not liable for disturbances of the access quality due to force majeure or due to circumstances for which Merih News is not responsible, especially not for the break down of communication networks and gateways. Merih News does not take over a guarantee that the website is functioning free of interruptions or errors and that possible errors will be rectified. Also no guarantee for correctness of the website contents will be taken over.

4. Links to external websites
As a special service the websites of Merih News sometimes contain links to other websites as well as to our partner broadcasting station Samanyolu Haber (in particular as well as These third-party websites are not under our control, and we do not take over any responsibility. Users of third-party websites have to address exclusively the operators or the respective website directly concerning disputes arising in relation to such websites. A link to another website does not mean that Merih News supports or advocates the third-party website or its products, services or other things offered via those websites in any way. Merih News is not responsible for products and services, their commercial presentation on Merih News websites or on other platforms which are referred to from our website via links. Further, Merih News cannot guarantee for the quality of such products and services.

5. Terms of use for the Merih News video portal
The website of Merih News offers a number of possibilities to retrieve and watch videos (later in here referred to as “Merih News video portal”). This video portal offers the user of the Merih News website the possibility, to especially watch videos and pictures free of charge. For this additional terms of use apply.
5.1 Scope
The Merih News video portal is an offer of the Merih News (later in here referred to as “Merih News”), The legal and editorial responsibility for the Merih News video portal and for the contents retrievable via the Merih News lies exclusively with Itep Pictures. By this a usage relationship for the retrieval of the contents of the Merih News video portal and the user is concluded exclusively between Merih News and the user beginning with the use of such. For the retrieval of the contents of the Merih News video portal the present terms of use apply.
5.2 Technical requirements
For the use of the Merih News video portal the user is to take care that his/her terminal device fulfils the system requirements.
5.3 The use of the contents of the Merih News video portal
The contents provided to the user by Merih News are protected by laws, in particular by copyright and ancillary copyright laws. The user is granted the right to only use the contents retrievable via the Merih News video portal for private presentation within the German speaking territory of Europe and not for commercial purposes under consideration of the remaining regulations of these terms of use. The user will not be granted further going usage rights. In particular, he/she is not entitled to edit the contents in any way, to compile copies from the contents, to provided the contents to third parties or to make the contents available to the public.
5.4 Special duties and obligations of the user
The user must not abuse the Merih News video portal and its contents, in particular ;
a. he/she may exclusively use the retrieved contents for non-commercial purposes in private presentation;
b. he/she must not publicly present, make available, permanently store, transmit, edit, copy, distribute, sell, publicly display, advertise the retrieved contents, to support such use or to use the contents in any way contrary to the contractual purpose;
c. he/she is to use the retrieved contents only in compliance with national and international copyrights within the scope of the usage rights granted by this agreement and not to copy the contents;
d. he/she must not change or remove copyright and ancillary copyright labels. The customer is to protect the contents against any use by non-authorised parties or against other forms of abuse;
e. he/she may only present, let present or make available only those contents approved for the respective age group;
f. he/she may only use the retrieved contents within the usage area permitted Merih News and must not change, bypass or otherwise disrespect the technical measures used by Merih News to restrict the territorial use.
The user is liable towards Merih News for damages, costs and expenses resulting from violations against the user relationship between Merih News and the user, especially violations of duties according to No. 4, and indemnifies Merih News from all claims of third parties resulting from that. This does not apply if the user is not responsible for the violation. The customer may prove that he/she is not responsible for the violation.

6. Co-operation in combating unauthorised copying
The contents retrievable via Merih News video portal are protected by law, especially by copyright and ancillary copyright laws. Merih News is obligated to co-operate with the artists and other copyright holders in combating unauthorised copying. Unauthorised transmission of contents as well as unauthorised posting, enabling access, uploading, downloading or other forms of distribution of contents and/or support of such actions are strictly prohibited and might lead to immediate cancellation of the usage agreement as well as the assertion of compensation claims.

7. Change of the terms of use
Merih News reserves the right to change the terms of use at any time. An explicit notification about the change of the terms of use does not take place. The terms of use are to be checked for changes on a regular basis by the customer him/herself. For the use of the Merih News video portal the valid version of the terms of use at the time of use applies.

8. Final regulations
The terms of use and the entire legal relationship between users and the Merih News website are exclusively subject to German law under exclusion of CISG law. If single regulations of these terms of use are or become invalid, the validity of other regulation remain unchallenged.